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Q: Lincoln wont start w/ brand new battery-nothing on 1991 Lincoln Town Car

I went a got a brand new battery and when I try to start it I get nothing at all. With the hood up, you can hear a tiny little tick, but that is it. Is this a starter if I never had any sign it was going out? Or could it be solenoid? Or is there a way it could be the "brain box" it is loaded with all the fancy gadgets and gauges etc. Any help appreciated!
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First, assess if the battery you just purchased is charged well enough, and your battery connections are secure. Do you have full power to your dash before trying to crank the engine? Do your headlights turn on brightly? If yes to all, then start suspsecting battery cabling for resistance, perhaps the signal wire to the starter solenoid, which can corrode, especially in places like Wisconsin that experience winter. Corrosion at the starter soleonid or the starter motor itself can create enough resistance to keep the starter (which draws an awful lot of amperage) from engaging. If all looks good there, have a draw test done on your starter if possible. And lastly...any reason at all to suspect your engine may have an internal issue? May be a very small chance (and hopefully so!) but a locked engine will cause the same symptoms. Good luck!
I was reading on here something about ignition switches. Is there a possibility that could be the problem? Is the only cure for that - to install a new ignition? Thanks for your seggestions, I will try them tomorrow. BTW the car is in Wisconsin. Thx again
The ignition switch issue that was present on Ford's, Lincoln's and Mercury's was not present on the 1991 Town Car. The only Town Car affected was 1988-1989.
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Check the basics first. Make sure the battery has a full charge, then check all your connections, both at the battery and the at the starter. Also check the ground at the engine. I've seen it several times where a connection can be tight and still lose contact due to corrosion. If they are all good, then check the signal wire to the starter. A test light, between ground and the signal terminal at the solenoid, should light up when turning the key to the start position. If it lights up, then you will probably need to repair or replace the starter.
I have run into this problem a few times in Fords, mine and other. The battery clamps. Tighten them down and then try to rotate the clamp on the post by hand. If it is good you will not be able to rotate the clamp. If you can turn it the clamp is stretched and needs to be replaced. Clip on the solenoid. 96+ has nut and bolt. Brake light switch. The braided wire that goes from the solenoid to the starter motor can get corroded. Get a battery cable end, flatten it and make an L giving just enough room for the bolt. Punch a 1/8" hole where the braid goes in the starter. Screw through the hole with a 1/2" screw.
i'm having the same problem with my Lincoln mark VII lsc, i was told that i may have a short but make sure you didn't connect the battery backwards
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