2007 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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Car starts fine, sometimes dies after engaging drive mode.
The gurgling sound continues after shutting engine off for about 2-3 minutes
Fan dies shut off when car is off but as soon as I start car fan turns on and runs all the time it never did that before
The passenger side vanity mirror is broken and loos fro the sun visor
Checked parking brake and it is fully released. Light will come on while braking and when you get off brake pedal the light goes out. I has done this 4 times in the last two days.
The car appears to be running fine. However the light continues to be displayed prior to this event it has come on and then suddenly goes off!
Fan doesn't come on and car runs hot. New thermostat and hoses replacing water pump next.
The car runs smoother at a higher speed even if AC is on
No heater, blower works, but no heat comes out in any position or selection
Lincoln town car
the driver's side wiper arm won't rotate properly, keeps hitting the other wiper arm
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