2006 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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My door dosent lock, i cant seem to take the panle off
We replaced the thermostat... water pump.. fan relay.... and coolant... it starting getting overheated at about 15 miles with a.c. off
06 lincoln town car engine starts byt won't stay on. What could be the issue?
It starts up fine and drives good no smell or burning don't have trouble starting up
Just completely stopped. The other vents work tho.
And it is not leaking water either what could the problem be
2006 lincoln town car, stays on when car put in gear
It doesn't do it when sitting at idle.
after replacing tank and pump gasket,filled it with gas,no leaks checked one hour later small drip, tightened drip stopped, 3hrs later gas running out, will not stop until below level
What should I do..where do I look. Passenger or driver side. Is there a recall on this.
Windshield fogs on outside when a is running
While accelerating it works fine. The hesitation is very slight and only while trying to maintain lower speeds. I have had a coil go out before. This hesitation is much less noticeable than that. What should I check?
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