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Drives fine just don't know how fast I'm going and cruise control don't work

I own a 2005 Lincoln town car signature series. With the temp set to 60 deg. and the car engine warmed up and running and I turn the ac on, set to dash & floor vents air flow. Compressor and fan on, they work just fine.
Out of the driver side 2-dash vents I get cool air flowing, but out of the passenger side 2-dash vents I get hot air.
I am guessing that one or more vacuum controlled doors is not opening or closing properly. What do you think? Any and all information that you provide will be greatly appreciated. At one time I would diagnose and fix the problem my self. But at 85 with poor eyesight, it is no longer possible. If you know exactly what the problem is please give me a estimate of how much a dealer would charge for a repair. Thank you. Bob Schaffer

Trouble just started 2 days ago Compressor turns on and off just fine. When I select floor and upper vents setting the driver side upper 2 vents blows cool air, while the 2 passenger side vents blow hot air even though the temp setting is set to 60 degrees.

After each rain, the right rear floor gets wet. After driving even a short distance, suddenly the right rear floor is SOAKED. A mechanic already blew clean the run roof drains and they now drain properly.

2005 Lincoln Town Car. Water accumulating in the rear passenger floor area. No sun roof, no dampness around the entire area...just in floor well. Mechanic cleaned the heater core drain, but that did not solve the problem. He did a smoke test to look for leaks in the interior of the car and around the doors, but found nothing. Any other ideas? I would like to know if there are any drain lines or tubes that run through that area that could be causing the problem. Help!

Air suspension not kicking in, rough as a Cobb.

My cruise control stopped working. It was fine throughout a 1000 mile trip but stopped just before I got home. I looked to see if there was a fuse for that function but was unable to locate one.

The rattling occurs in the engine or just below the car when I accelerate. It will happen even when I am parked and I accelerate. It sounds sort of like a metallic sound. As the RPMs increase so does the knocking. Thank you for your help!


Is there a way to replace the boot without taking the whole shift lever and o/d cable apart?