2004 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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All of a such the CD is not working? what could be the issues. I tried to reject the CD's and they are not coming out. I have a 6 CD player changer

If u turn the key to start it it will just click but if u cross the starter it'll roll over but won't start
The screen for the radio use to show who was singing the songs now it doesnt. What do I do to get it back on the display?
Not hearing any noise from the sprayer but wipers work.
My door adjar light comes on, makes a chime noise , and sometimes the overhead light comes on?
I have tried WD40 it helped for a while and now has come back
remove panel to garage door opener
Car suddenly went into "neutral" mode while driving up a hill and would not engage into any gear. Heard constant whining noise coming from the engine compartment when trying to put it into Park. Vehicle still rolls on its own while in any gear, including Park, like it is in neutral. Can someone please tell me what the problem may be and how to fix it?
my headights get stuck on when i turn my wipers on .. why ?
U didn't have name of my car in your choices
when it rains my headlight want turn off unless i turn the car off,,, why ?
Living compartment on a 2004 Lincoln town car where is that filter located
gas tank is full, car cranks strong, just won't start
This is the first time it did this
My 2004 Lincoln Town Car engine light came on reading p0355. How do I find which coil it is that's the problem?
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