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Looking for the ac clutch relay that’s under the hood.Dont have owners manual.
I was tryin to see what size drain bolt needed for a oil change
comes in firewall and soaks frt. & rear carpet
When turned on I can see everything, then when I start it I have only dashes ,with abs,brake and traction lights on.The background lights all come on...just not the info.While driving the entire thing will just come on properly, then after a while just goes off again. During off time nothing changes except steering tightens up slightly. Ford told me I need a new cluster, but DNA ( who specializes in repair) tech told me on the phone it could be a communication issue in computer, and that wouldn't fix it. I haven't heard this from anyone else. It runs no different,and everything works during the off periods which is most of the time. I read something about the key might stop working, and as a 78 y.old female, I don't want that to happen while I'm out.
Everytime I start my 2003 Lincoln Towncar, my windshield wipers come on and do 2 wipes and then stop. I was thinking maybe i was hitting something while getting in or out, but ive been very mindful of this and made sure i wasn't, but it happens every single time I start it. Any clues as to why it would be doing this?
I bought 1 owner 2003 Town Car Signature Premium. GREAT shape. Only 68,000 miles. The battery terminals were corroded so I cleaned them this past Friday. When I put them back on I had to jump the battery. After that, my driver seat controls stopped working, the mirror controls stopped, the air suspension light on the dash stays on and the power steering is almost like manual steering. All 4 things share the same fuses and fusible links. (a couple on one set and a couple on another). I bought $40 in fuses and fusible links Saturday at AutoZone but it never helped. New battery also (old was bad). Still no luck. I tested the fuses and links and they are showing good BUT I have no way of testing the circuits to them.
Constant ...especially loud after cold start.
how to locate a leak in the AC system
how to replace rear windows elect. motors
Changed motor and transmission, now dash lights won't go off
I replaced the fan, the thermostat, the water pump, the reservoir cap and the temperature sensor and had the radiator flushed. Still overheats during normal driving conditions.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? overheats sooner if ac is on
How long have you had this problem? one month
Just need to know what kind of oil to put in a 2003 Lincoln town car
When I switch on the wipers, nothing happens.
Switch will not control wipers. For a couple of days they just kept going so I took the fuse out to stop them. Then when I put the fuse back in it just stop working all together.
I've been worried that I had a suspension leak for the last few weeks. I noticed that my compressor was kicking on more frequently than usual, then my air suspension light finally came on as I'd been fearing. I hooked up my OBDII OEMD reader(I just recently bought & know literally nothing of how it works & what codes mean what) but after hooking it up it turned the warning light back off twice, & the compressor started to work off & on. I was just on a vacation which is about 3hrs away from my house & It went out completely before driving back. It was an EXTREMELY rough ride home & it sounded horrible over every bump. I got home late lastnight, parked it & I'm hoping that I didn't do a significant amount more damage by driving it that far dragging it's ass all the way home. I'm sure some parts will need to be replaced but curious if any other damage by driving it much that way can happen? & If so what those problems are? & What's some estimated prices on compressors & any other replacement parts that may be needed? Thank You very much for your help with this.
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