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I have a 1999 Lincoln Town car. The blower will only run on high. I can not adjust from low to high but can move blower from defrost to dash. Neither the steering wheel nor dash controls work for adjusting.
I have a 1999 Lincoln Town car. I can not adjust the blower on my car, it will only run on high or turn off. It doesn't matter if I use the controls on the steering wheel or the dash. I would appreciate your help. Thank you, Lisa
Why is service engine soon light on?
I changed out my car alternator and battery ,now I loose power when I turn it over ,so the lights and everything light up then I turn it over and then there is no power at all ,then i wait a bit and the power is back enough for the lights to work, then i do it again (turn it over) and i loose power again, I believe I changed out the battery wrong ,causing the anti-theft system to misread,don't know how to reset it any answers will help big time , my car is sitting on the side of the road in a bad area HELP!!!!!
My car has been hesitating for a week or so. Today while going up a hill my check engine light started to blink while my engine would lose compression then it would stop and power would resume then begin blinking again while losing power. Then stop and power resume. It did this until I got over the hill.
the power seats, power lock, the power side mirror and the radio doesn't shut off if you turn off keys and remove them
How do go about trouble shooting the rear air ride suspension?
What could be the cause of play in the steering wheel? Is it in the gear box or something else I need to have looked at?
hard shifting
Not lifting car up
the drivers side floor board fills with water with no apparent water leak trail. This happens when it is raining. What are possible causes, and fixes
I have power to everything including the starter, had starter tested and it is good. When u turn key it dosent engage
No heat. Fan works and blows hard but just cold air
intake manifold is broke what tools are needed to fix it
As long as I'm driving the processor is running never Turing off,but the rear end of the car never raises. Could this be because of an leak in the lines.Also Can you show me pictures of where everything is just to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. This is all the time.
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