1998 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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My heating and cooling system will not turn on at all
Every time I drive my town car it will over heat after I have been driving about 5 miles. Possible cracked block from my kids driving it when it was winter and it had froze outside. And nobody put anti freeze in were the water goes.
The air suspension compressor did not work, and the air dryer seems full of rust when shaken. The air line appears to be clogged so no air is getting to the air bags from a compressor (100psi). I know the line is only 1/8". Is there a simple solution rather than replacing the entire air line? I already have another compressor and air dryer but am holding off installing it until this problem is solved.
The ABS light comes on and off, but the airbag light stays on for longer periods, then goes off..
Var cranks but injectors are not pulsing an key will not open the trunk but will unlock front doors
It is bgoing down really bad. Hooked it to a computer says 1 and 3 are not getting fire what do I need to do. Seems weird they are on the same side

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Started fluid
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Doesn't know how to use heat
I want to replace leaky air bags , but don't know how to get all the air out to remove old ones.
What can cause this There is no water in the oil
I see the a/c controllers but for the heater
My car was accelerating at high speed for no apparent reason. if i took my foot gas it would pick up speed by itself.
I changed the master cylinder, ABS and camw to find out it was the booster, now my cluster panal and my speedometer not working , does this sound like the ABS module? Should i put mine back in since it wasnt the issue in first place?
As my car excelerates. My rpms shoot way up. But my car has no power as it climbs to speed and eventually my gears shift. I drive without overdrive cause this will cause my check engine light to flash. And the car will rev really high and go nowhere. It doesn't get hot. And does not burn oil. I have pulled out my cats and placed foulers over my sensors. This allowed me to drive in drive only at 70mph in ordr to make it to work. What is causing this

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