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I htink it might b my starter but it dnt make any clunking noises or ticking sounds so I dnt know what it could be.
driving to cal. in new mexico car slowing down going up hills
p 0171 p 0 174
Heater core inlet & outlet hoses are same temp, hot. So core should not be stopped up, right? I can hear a clicking sound under the dash. As the blower blows cool air I asume the control doors are open correctly to let the air flow. Cannot find any lose vac. hoses. Eng temp is fine.Cannot locate the heater control val. is it elect or vac operated? Thanks
what is the cost for belt with wire for unlocked belt alarm
my horn and lights come on anytime day or night no one around
Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located on a 1997 Lincoln Town Car
I dont believe I need anything else but a good ground for the clutch to engage. I have votage to the pressre switch and the relay
there appears to be some play in the system
wont shift into drive
This happened yesterday and is in need of repair. Im thinking a set of plugs and wires could fix the miss but the light came on at the same time. Does the ecm see the miss and throwing a code? (Ive not had diagonstics ran yet as time is also an issue). 97 towncar, 163,000mi. all vacuume lines checked. Also going to chk injector pulse tomorrow morning. Outside of already mentioned plans does anyone know of "common" reasons for misfire on a 4.6? this car has been trouble free since new.
Help, my lincoln hood ornament needs to be replaced and I don't know how to do it.
Where is ignition control module located 97 lincoln towncar
Intermittant problem of no start has been occuring for the past 12 months. Everytime this occurs I spray ether, 2-4 seconds, into intake and it starts up everytime and continues to run with no problem. I take trips to NY and FL and there is NEVER a running problem. If it starts when I turn the key it immediately fires up and runs. Other times when I turn key it immediately cranks over but without any hint of firing. I then ether it and it fires up immediately and runs fine until I have to stop and shut it off. Sometimes it will continue to start correctly everytime for the day and several days after. But sometimes when I have a small trip to a store it will not restart when I get out and I have to ether it to start again.
it happens every time i drive it. always at lower shift speeds never at higher speeds.
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