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I spent Tax return trying to get the problem solved. I bought new ball joints, struts n shocks, as well as sway bars. I had a balance rotation and alignment. I drive down the road and let go of the wheel to see how they did. VERY WELL... however; I take the car onto the highway and at 50 it lightly starts to shake, as I increase speed the entire front end of the car starts to shake kind of crazy like. I get off the highway onto just a town road and my alignment is off like crazy and pulling very hard to the left driver side direction. It's definitely a suspension issue but not sure. I asked for assistance from the mechanic to check it out however, they claimed it to just be an alignment issue. HELP!!!
I practically have a new battery, I replaced my alternator, and the starter is just fine. when I put jumper cables on car it will start up no problem, once they are disconnected the dash lights are still on and the battery light as well as the abs light is on then the dash lights shut off seconds later the car shuts off. What could possibly be the problem?
My car had a bad winter! I am disabled & rely heavely on it for transportation. When it is cold, the car started fine but had to keep pushing gas pedal until it warmed up, then ran fine. Today, March 12/15, I started it & the check engine light came on. It was running a bit rough after that,idling rough etc..,( didn't do this until today) then, I took it to Autozone, & he checked it & said I had a code, P0308, a misfire on cylinder #6. But when I searched this code, nothing found, but on other cars, its does say MISFIRING, so, can I disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, then take it to ADVANCED AUTO parts, & see if they give me the same answer? Being on disability, I wont be able to afford to have it repaired so I am praying it is nothing serious? THANKS FOLKS, & GOD BLESS!!
An going problem. When heater or A/C is turned on no power as found by mechanics they say it is the cars electronic control. I would like to buy this car otherwise,Was asking 1200. thinking of offering $970. what is cost to replace if need be? What do you recommend?
Ok. I have a 96 lincoln towncar executive series. . For some reason my car will not start. I can't hear the click when I try and start it. My lights come on when I open the door. And you can hear the beeping sound when u insert the key while u have the door open. But when I try to start the car the gas light. speedometer won't turn on. As well as my radio. But all the rest of the electric works.. Would anybody hav an idea what the problem is?
the car doesn't overheat but makes a lot of steam from leak steam comes from behind altanator can it be hose or freeze plug or manifold and how do I find out witch it is
When the heat goes out the temp goes up if i keep turning the heat on and off i hear a noise in the dash then the temp goes back to normal and the heat work again
When I would hit speed bumps it would make what I would call a grinding noise, also when I would brake hard it would veer left.
Like I said earlier the nose is on the ground.
My Town Car has been acting up when I start the car. It seems like over the past year or so, when I crank the car it does not always start on the 1st try. As time has past the problem just gets worse. The other day when I tried to start the car it would just turn the motor over but not start. I tried so many times that I ran the battery down. I think the fuel pump has died but before I replace it, I would like to test the relay. I am disabled and don't have much energy to search for the relay or even test it but I sure don't want to pay a shop to replace the fuel pump if the problem is only a bad relay.
I also need to know where the fuel pump relay is located and how to test the relay.
Car is running excellent-told it was vacuum leak diagnostic code several times
Car sat idle for 6 yrs and front calipers were in op. New calipers along with new pads for from and new pads only on rear..
turned off checked antifreeze it had none,had too much eng/oiln ground from battery to body was cut cranks but wont turn all started when tranny wouldnt go into overdrive
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