1996 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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When coming to a stop to make a left hand turn engine stalls, this does not happen all the time
abs light was coming on intermittently for about a week now is on constantly
My dad's car is overheating and he is constantly taking it to the same mechanics that I worry are taking advantage of him. they said he needs to replace the upper intake manifold. When I was researching on the part I see there is only one piece and it is not upper or lower..what should I do ?
The original suspension air bags lasted 13 years. New ones installed 2 years ago and air bag suspension is out again.
It doesn't happen all the time, but the majority of the time. The wiper and washer does not stop when turned off.The turn signals work fine.
Can I remove the rear window motor from the regulator with out removing the regulator from the door. Motor is operating. Suspect the regulator gear plugs need to be replced. Thank you. Harry Hinden
At least once a week in the morning when I go out to start the car it cranks but wont start. Once you jump it it runs all day and for the rest of the week. Checked fuses, lights, replaced fuel relay...shut off suspension at night, stopped using theft system etc...anyone have any idea what could be making this happen..
how do you recalibrate the fuel pump after you replace the gas tank
The windshield wipers just stopped working. You can hear the click of when you turn them on, but they wipers arms don't move. What can be the problem and how can it be fixed?
how do i change the dpfe in a 96 towncar getting a p0401 code
had started to list on one side/service center suggested I fix problem
Steering will not turn to neutral after completing a turn , resistance felt when I turn back to center, riding over bumps seem to shift steering direction some what. What are the likely causes of this problem? 88k miles
Every time you drive it. Once you stop and start going again it won't shift your draging, then it will shift into gear. but you can't move really fast until it goes into gear.
Just had to purchase the lower and upper ball joints, and sway bar link on both sides. My question is how do I screw down the lower ball joint nut if the ball joint keeps turning? Is there a special tool i'm suppose to use? The sway bar link is doing the same. What am I missing?
i purchased a 1996 lincoln town car 6 years ago, recently my transmission started vibrating the car when shifting gears under acceleration, upon inspection of the fluid I've noticed the fluid is over full (I've never added any) and the fluid is very dark. I've been told the problem is the fluid and filter need changed and the pan needs cleaned. I want to have the filter and fluid changed but no service center will touch it. I have the skills to do this myself however, i've been cautioned not to because other issues may occur, (apparently the reason no service center wants to do it) Should I go ahead and do the service myself?
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