1996 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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smell antifreeze windshield fog up
my car wont turn over 1996 Lincoln town car
all ready replaced feul pump altinator intak gasket o2 sensors plug and wires.
any way to just disconnect abs
I replaced the power steering pump but it didn't help any ideas? only does it at 15 mph or above, when I make a left hand turn.
compressor for air bags runs and stops every 3 minutes
when using drivers side switch it will not go down when i push it
pulled flywheel off but is in good shape
i have been having like a moldy smell when i run the ac
I got an estimate but I checked with another mechanic and the estimate from the 1st mechaninc in terms of time is way off.l
I've tried to lift and shut, but it still won't close all the way...
where low port is
Just replaced the alternator and since then the dash battery indicator flashes intermittently or stays on solid. The battery is only about a year old, (replaced it when the alternator quit last summer). It's getting to be an annual event.
snapping noise under dash, was told it was blend door motor, does dash have to come off. How much for repair and parts.
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