1996 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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The little wheel or nut that holds the transmission arm to linkage broke need to know how to take it off and replace it and what the part is called
jumped car and it ran fine, turned on lights and after a few min's it killed the ac system and then the car died
I am upgrading my plugs and wires and I was wondering if I should upgrade the coil packs also
The car does this slow start thing every morning and after car is considering drive the car turn it off turn it back on no issue It's very odd I can't figure it out
Could this be cause of it possibly (tumbler) ? It does this randomly- I noticed a small crack at base of shift handle where it attaches inside column making the handle a little wiggly and the wheel won't lock when removing key tho we turn the wheel side to side is all this related to tumbler ?
245,000 miles
Fuel pressure at idle has 40 lbs pressure. After running a while, shuts off. Cool down, starts up again but shuts off.
Had new tires put on car,they didn't turn off air ride
We put new shocks brand new gas tank straps and new air bags or air struts and we can only get one side to cooperate the other side will not fill up with air
car sputters some times at highway speeds but when slowing down or stopping it shuts off. What do I need to look at because it has shut off when turning into oncoming traffic or coming to stop at an intersection.
stalls out while driving slow,but would start back up. this would happen 2 or 3 times a trip.
stalls out while driving slow,but would start back up
Also, when using delay, wipers move about one third of travel, stop for the delay set, then move another third, etc.
Replace most of the front end including arms, bushings, stabilizers, also replaced rear air bag. Reduced noise when turning but even the smallest bump sounds like shaking a tray of silverware under my hood.
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