1995 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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I just hear the starter cranking but it want crank
It blinks five times, I think I know where to reset it , but directions I found online are too hard to understand can you instruct me on how to do this
The right side mirror is loose in the holder. Can it be popped back into position or do we need to take it apart?
wont shift out of park,only if I disconnect
2 different kinds of idler arm town
My chime for headlights on keeps chiming and the interior lights stay on
We checked and can't find a leak. What is causing this problem. Where is the suspension module located in this car? What should i do?Does the suspension module causes this problem?
I never know when my lights will work. Afraid to drive in rain or nighttimnighttime. I changedfchangedf the fuse and that did not solve the problem.
for 3months car hasn't moved. Can't drive anywhere in reverse. Love my towncar. Was my moms
My 82 year old mom bought this car from her brother and half the time it won't start due to the anti-theft system. She's on a fixed income and spent over $600 last month in repairs due to the car not turning over, the most recent is a new fuel pump. Any way to turn this system off or bypass it?
I had my battery checked and ensured all my cables were right. Free of corrosion. But still no power anywhere
During road trips after 50 - 100 miles the transmission will down shift then shift back. It does this mostly above 60 MPH but sometimes occurs at lower speeds. Frequency increases with distance travelled
if air bag is not working in passenger rear is there a separate switch behind tire somewhere besides the one in trunk or some kind of electric attachment that I could check
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