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It turn over check gas i check wires and plugs getting spark switched out relays still wont start
I turn of yhe heater an all i get is cold air enven in the vent i turn ip heat on vent and still cold air
I changed the wire from the alternator to battery and now the light stays on all of the time and battery is not charging at all. Had to change wire because wire got burnt. Can it be a computer issue and if so how can you test that?
now it wont start and back fires. The engine started on fire. Then when i finally got it going it sputters, chuggs, backfires and stalls while driving.
I have no idea what was in my gas can and it was too late after i dumped about a gallon of it in my tank. HELP HOW DO I FIX THIS OR CLEAN OUT THE SHIT I PUT IN GAS TANK ?
I've checked past filter there is pressure. but no gas in gas rail, checked the valve on rail No gas. what should I check next. What is on line that controls fuel past filter to rail?
my care smokes on heavy accelreation & i use oil at about 800miles could it be a bad pcv valve
i replaced the right valve cover gasket already and am working on the left one. i am concerned about wires being damaged and would like some good advice on doing this project right. my haynes service manual is very vague on this procedure.
Every once in a while they stay down when turned off
It seems the vehicle is on safety or the theft control is locked
My woman has a nice well kept 93 Towncar previously owned by her grandmother. Last year it started and ran well and has 91,200 or so miles. Now, being a mechanic I warned her about letting it sit and not starting it every week or so and drive it up and down the block to keep everything from dry rotting and falling apart. A year passes and every time she went to her grandmas she never started the car and it sits in a sunny south Florida drive way wasting away because she's an idiot and lazy never listening to my advice. Of course I get to fix it because I need to sell it so she just caused me to do more work since there is a crank over at the engine, the battery is new and always unplugged at the Neg. term., and the starter is solid and kicks it over great. Ether starting spray tells me it will ignite and pushed the stem on the fuel rail to check pressure on Passenger side fuel return line and no pressure! Well, I think that its the fuel pump but may also be a fuse. Anyone have advice because I originally assumed it was bad gas until cranking it and checking pressure on the lines. Thanks!
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