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close trunk part way, it closes completely by itself. The trunk won't close completely. Why ?
Switch was replaced now it crabs car but it free spins when u try to turn it off. So i got new switch and same thing happens

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Idk
How long have you had this problem? Week
Why won't it stay runningt
It seems that the gear shift selector handle on the steering column is stuck or locked or something! It wont engage in to gear! Then @ times it seems to work fine!
Current door latch pins are in need of
replacement. The latch pin sleeve is
worn out,and I need to know if the threaded insert ( female ) is mounted to the door jam so that it will not fall into the cavity area of the door jam when removing the latch pin ass'y.?
I believe that there is play in the door
jam threaded insert to allow for adjustment of the latch pin for proper
door closure.
I tried to force the trunk deck shut
wn car and reinstall
I cant get my car out of park. Smh. When I put the key in it will crank with no problem. But when I put my foot on the brake the brake lights come on and the column shifter will move out of park but will not engage any gear.
i changed the fuse that burnt out now its not blownig but no lights are on and when headlights on the high beam indicator show even when they are not engaged my revers lights wont come on i pulled all the bulbs none are blown but when i press the brakes the lights come on but if i turn the headlights switch on the rear lights area all off please help if you can im getting tickets at night because of this ive been using the hazard lights at dark i
I have the parts already I need to know the price for labor.
Key moves loosely but still activates starter. Is it the part the key fits into or is it deeper in the column?
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