2011 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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The auto lights on my ‘11 Lincoln Navigator will not work, the switch won’t turn past auto position to turn on the fog lights. I’ve never had any issue with the lights or changed anything or replaced anything on the car recently. i Have always left the switch in the auto light position but noticed this morning no lights are on at all as though it is in the off position. I can manually turn on the parking and headlights but when I turn back to auto nothing is on and the switch will not go past the auto position. When I bump the brights it does make a thud type noise once it may have always done that I just never noticed. I did have a couple instances in the last few weeks where I’ve went to get in the car and the power running boards don’t kick out and no lights or anything work but I close the door and works fine after. Also it has been cutting out and haveing a hard time getting power while driving sometimes but I’m thinking it just needs new coils
My lincoln navigator 2011 is not starting! I took it to the dealer for maintenance and they said that they need to program it to know the problem! And to program it they need the spare key! I went to them and they said yes without the spare key can’t do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!
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