2009 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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Pull sharply left when braking at highway speed
I can't figure out what size star fitting tool I need. Ive tried everything, a 50,55,60 and then tried star alan wrenches and I cant get any to fit. Apparently this is the only year navigator that is set up this way..can anyone help?
The AC is stuck at 90 degrees on the drivers side even though you can turn the tempature so that it reads 60 but it still pumps out at 90.
60,000 miles newly purchased. This has occurred twice now when not moving. Drive or Nuetral or Park does not change issue. Reving engine or stopping and restarting engine seem to have resolved it both times, however I am extremely concerned about the knocking and/or dieseling sounds as it seems this would tear the engine apart over time. Oil is clean and none burnt since last 1000+ miles of highway driving. No Check Engine or diagnostic lights and vehicle health report says engine is fine. Any suggestions appreciated as my big bank loan is looming(not made first payment yet) and I am very nervous about longevity of this vehicle.
It was 115 yesterday and my battery in the Navigator just died. It is a 2009 so I did not think the battery would die so fast but I guess the heat can do that. Lucky me..........anyway how do I get the battery out? I want to go to Auto Zone to get a new one.
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