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2007 Lincoln Navigator. All of a sudden, on a regular basis, car won't shift from park to drive. There are times when it will take 10 minutes to get it to shift. Mechanic shop replaced the gear shift assembly. Worked for a couple weeks, now it's doing it again.
I had an engine flush done today but still making noise. Can it take a couple days for sludge to clean out. Or do I need to replace valves or lash adjusters and rollers? How much is that? I also had my fuel injector module replaced today as well bc it went out. Runs so much better. That’s why I thought maybe it might take a couple days for the sludge to clear out..
When I drive my truck around 80 miles per hour the check engine light start flasing and won't go faster the 80 miles per hour , When I reduce my speed the check engine will disappear and drive normal
This happens every time you use the key fob, the handle, or the button on the dash. This just started last week. Tailgate unlocks, starts to raise open, closes, and then relatches.
I didn't see it under the paseneger side or under the right side near the brake. Please help?
It has just started but I'm scared now. Is this going to get worse, should I have it get looked at right away? It's happened 2 days straight now.
the problem started two months ago and is yet to be solved
So what do I need to do to fix this problem
When I start the car and close the doors i can hear the suspension pump turn on, right behind the passenger headlight. After a few min of running the check air suspension message turns on and the pump turns off. The front is fine but the rear end is low and makes for a bouncy ride. I've read about a leveling relay or switch but can not find location.
Thank you in advance.
My running board on the passenger side is not going up but I can hear the motor trying, is there a way to tighten it up or what should I do.
Just had a new battery installed
My mechanic told me that I need transmition control modul,cost $3000 .my Lincoln is in Europe,no one really know haw to repair this car .... I apreciate any one with advice,thank you
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