2006 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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passanger and drive mirrors dont work how do I change bulb
I smell strong fumes from the qexhaust pipe. Also I recently noticed extreme drop in gas mileage from 300+ miles to empty on a full tank of gas, down to a little over 200 on a full tank of gas. A little sluggish but no hesitation. No leaks, hard rattling noise on initial startup. Are these issues related and What can this be?
This code came up on my radio $e003
the probleb occurs when the weather is to cold. the car bounce alot then the check light comes on and said check suspension. after the weather is warm the car runs good or normal,my question is its the sensor,themotor or the air bags?
My Drivers side puddle light and signal does not work. It is not the bulbs or fuses. Does anyone have any idea as to how to fix this?
My traction control,ABS.Airbags,parking brake light is showing up but truck running good. What
Do I e to do. The front air ride has beeen replaced with regular stuff

Just stopped working. No other problems led up to it. Fuses & bulbs good.
Why is the lift gate not opening either thru tHe key or the overhead button yet the message on the dashboard is that the lift gate is open .?
The check engine light is on
knocking noise in the motor
The bottom half of spark plug broke off. The piece with metal and ceramic at the very bottom.
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