2002 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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I have tried youtube videos but cannot find whether it is the glove box or behind the hood at the firewall.
Cant pass my emission test
Transmission oil cooler lines running from radiator to transmission
Transmission lines leaking, both to transmission from radiator.
i have a 2002 lincoln navigator that i just got.each & every time the speedometer reaches 48 mph a chime lights..just a single chime.i cant find anyone who knows why this you?
The engine is dropped, used one arrived, what materials will I need to get it running. Ex: How many quarts of oil, what kind of oil, antifreeze, Freon, etc.. the engine that is going into the Navigator, has 114k miles on it. Thanks,
I had to remove Relay Fuse because it was draining my battery what is the problem? Why wont my lifts work. 2002 Navigator.
rear sespension of car is riding real low. leaking air bag,compressor motor, or springs?
I bought this navigator used and the back door doesn't open...not even just the glass there a special way or a trick to it...
after I was done the battery had run down so I jump started it and let it run for awhile to charge it. On Tues morning I started it up and when I went to put in drive it wouldn't Move! The Tach was at 100 and my speedo climbed to 90 MPH! when I tried to put it in park it started grinding so I had to shut off the engine and put it in Park! I ran my code scanner and it came up with all sorts of sensors that said "P1116 Coolant temp sensor can not do self test" also had code P1127-Exhaust temp sensor can not do self test!? on my final test it gave P1000-Test unable to complete? The Test I ran was a KOER test for Ford/Mazda Obviously it's NOT All Sensors that are broke! Can anyone give me a direction to go? I did check all fuses and relays and all were good?! so now I'm stuck and so is my truck seeings how it won't Move! Thanx in advance for any help!
as I drive down the road it drive like it is in 4x4 mode and the speedometer reads 4x more then the speed i am going
What can I do about this problem?
I just replaced the suspension compressor and now it runs constantly. The shutoff switch will not even stop it, nor does pulling the fuses associated with the suspension system. Need ideas of what could be the issue.
The panel includes the radio panel, steering control panel heat/air control panels throughout truck andI had a tune up and ignition coil and vacuum leak replaced recently. The problem with the interior panel has been intermittent for months but now it is consistently getting hot.
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