2001 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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Horn not working
When I have my navigator in park, right turn signal and brake light work fine, but as soon as i put in drive and drive off, the right side lights wont work. Any idea why?
I think it has to do with relays but changed them now the noise is in the anti theft box but also drains the battery
Wanna replace the horn under my hood but cant find where it is located.
I know it is I need to know how to override the theft control on my 2000 Lincoln Navigator
My 2001 navigator continues to shake after having coils and plugs replaced. Everything from catalytic converter fuel pump and compression has been checked several mechanics have all said they don't know what's wrong
while car is running it makes a weird sound from the engine and even when I turn the car off. Sometimes while driving my car will completely die, and starts back up with no problems. Its died serval times. Now I have a burning rubber smell coming from under the back end of the car. Not sure what the issue could be.
Please help
no fuel pressure vehicle has spark somebody said the chip key is not allowing vehicle to start ?
This drag sound started a couple od days ago and getting worst.there is enough brake fluid
i have defrost. replaced radiator, thermostat, flush, just minimal warmth will blow through vents then cold air
the heater works but only give warm air or all cold air
big hose hot, heater hoses both supply land return are cold, heater lines are cold;new thermostat, new radiator, flush radiator, flush heater hoses,still cold
I have replaced the radiator water hose thermostat flush radiator and still no heat
Got to the point whr i have to disconnect battery every time i turn off vehicle....does anyone know what it may be caused or what do i have to replace something a friend mentioned tht it cld just be the dimmer switch tht needs to be replaced? Could tht be the problem? If so how much wld tht cost me.....
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