1999 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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Just bought a 1999 Navigator, gentle men said he put $10 of gas right before I cane to pick it up. Drove it to my job just fine. When I went o Leve, car cranks but won't start.
It just started happening now that I changed all my coilpacks how can I reset my computer
My 2001 lincoln navigator will go in reverse but when i put it in drive it wont go forward

How long have you had this problem? just started today
White smoke comes out exhaust pipe and it leaks gas
Drove to store. Parked and when coming my truck didn't start
When I stop everything is fine but when I pull off again sounds like my right break is not being released like it should to allow me to go until after a few mins then seems like something releases.
replace to correct problem-my dash says ajar/door but all my doors and hatch are closed its only the hatch window is the problem thx
Engine light came on, i ignored it cause last time it was a sensor something simple. we also recently changed the oil. my truck was running hard so i checked all my fluids and no oil. my oil gauges were normal but nothing on dip stick i put one oil in and ran it, it ran fine picked up speed like normal. i travel about 40 miles and noticed the idle was high very high and unusual sorta not catching gear when its suppose to, it starts to worsen its making a raddling noise underneath the truck its made that noise before but i noticed it when we would back up it sounded like something was lose, anyway, its idling while in park its wanting to stall seems like when i turn or slow down it wants to stall but as im driving its catching speed i can go fast its not sluggsh just when im coming to a stop i have to oput it in nutueral and keep my foot on the gas, what is this?
it was manufactured in August of 1999 I'm not sure if it has a heater control valve but my heat just blows out cold air only
I took it in and had the radiator flushed It didn't help at all The mechanic is trying to tell me to flush it again I'm wondering if it could be the thermostat or the heater core Help!
You need to open the driver side door to open or close the four side windows
The rear air suspension was ok. Eventually battery depleted.Can I manually trigger compressor? OR ?
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