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Hello, I have a 1998 Lincoln Navigator and i need to replace it. can you assist with some directions please?
how do you remove the connectors from thr heater hoses? The plastic black ones.
Recently I discovered that I only get hot air from the vents...adjusting the temp control has no effect.

Can get air to go to Defrost, panel, floor...etc...however it is only HOT.
When I turn my key to "start" I hear one click. The battery terminals are clean, the battery has about 3 months use and I drive 500 miles a month so I assume it the e-key issue, the solenoid or starter. Is there any way to know for sure so I can "do it myself" please?
How do we repair the rear suspension air springs and solenoid on a 1998 lincoln navigator 4x4 ?
My SUV started smelling of anti-freeze and a white fog started coming out of the ventws. I pulled over immediately and turned off the truck. Rusty colored fluid was running out from under the carriage and when I popped the hood, it had spewed from what I believe is the overflow or reseviour. Had it towed to a dealership and they said I needed a new heater core and it would run me around $1100. Can this be fixed for less (perhaps at an independent shop??)?? Thanks

i changed the shift cable and tube checked and rechecked all wires under the dash everything is clipped no blown fuses turns over but wont start any ideas ????
air condition stop working up front but work in rear
Please help! 2-3 weeks ago I hit a pot hole, right after I hit it, it started shaking real bad and wont stop. Now every time I start the car it shakes real bad and it sounds like if its hissing and the check engine light came on. I don't know anything about mechanics but was told it may just need a tune-up, but am scared that if its been this long and hasn't stopped and I haven't taken it to get checked, because financially I haven't been able to, that it may become a big engine problem and wont be able to afford such a major repair. Please help!
Not to long ago I hit a pot hole , right after that that it started shaking. Now every time I start it shakes and gets worse when I hit the gas. The rpm idle goes up like if its going 70 when I am only going 30. Everyone says it needs a tune-up, but I am not mechanic inclined at all. Please help in case its engine trouble, what can be the problem?
when the truck goes over bump or turning the front end squeaks.what is that caused from
went to start and starter did not engage - when turning ignition key interior light go out but headlights dim but stay visible - tried jump starting - same result - battery chager indicates battery is OK - does not crank at all
diagnostic codes po171,p0174
where is bank 1 and 2 oxygen sensor on my truck and how do i replace them
I want to know how to replace an a/c evaporator.
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