1998 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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Every time I add water in my navigator it leaks out from above the transmission. I can't tell where it is coming from.
Battery cable is disconnected to reset the car, someone closed my hood all the way and now I’m locked completely out my car.
RPMs go from normal to below 1 then lower and nothing. Just started happening 38 hours ago.
Won’t go into four wheel drive, lights for the A4H, 4X4 come on when I I switch to em with the knob but the don’t engage. So just hoping I bought the 4x4 engage solenoid for $25 and I know where the engagement and disengagement solenoids are located but which is which, there side by side on the left side of the fire wall
I have put a new starter on the car, a new battery, ive even checked for corrosion in the cable lines. what else could it be?
It tries starting but won't it has new fuel pump and good battery
Enough fuel till you kick it down then accelerates okit is a 1998 lincoln navigator
The light on the running board on the passenger does not turn off after parking car.
everytine i try to start it
When I press the button for overdrive it says off
I serviced the vehicle with R-12 and it took. Now the rear AC vents blow extra cold but the froint vents still blow hot air. Upon taking apart the AC controller, I can feel that one of the ducts is very cold, but not blowing it in the right direction.
It's a bar in the middle of the main rod that runs from the right side of the truck to the left side. What is the name of the rod?
Bag Driver's side went flat however passage side still rose and will not go back down how do o get passage side down??? Can you deflate bag on passenger side
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