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About 6 weeks ago I tried to start my car and nothing would come on. Would not start, lights would not come on, windows would not work, dash board lights and radio would not work. Auto Tech replaced the ignition fuse and it worked until now. Same situation, got in car tried to start it and nothing works
Car quit, water pump went out, drained into timing chain, etc, ruined engine and hot/cold registered normal!
Got car towed to ford/Lincoln dealer. Told the engine is gone due to internal water pump failure. Is this a common problem. Why was I not notified to check it
After changing brake fuse it works for a little while but then does it again
When stopped for a short time heater blows cold air
Dealer found problem on recent service visit, says it is very important to repair and could lead to serious problems if not fixed soon. But it is very expensive, over $3,000. I have not seen any leaking on ground when parked.
Passengers side seat modules location
When I press for seat to go up it will but won't go back
The air stopped working completely on my car but the air from the seats do work......can anyone explain in more detail what is going on with this type of cars. I've already put free on and nothing seems to work.
When I put the AC on the driver side is cold but the passenger side is hot. The seats are air-conditioned two and both the driver and passenger side will come on cold it's just the vents
There is power to the starter button. All ckts are intact will normal low resistance. no corrossion or connecter issues. All circuits from button to RFA to PCM good. Starter unit, fuses, relay, all good. All grounds good. What are the common problems in what compnent that could cause this? The PCM will not ground the relay, which actuates the starter. So is it the RFA? The PCM? Or the PATS sysytem?
Both front door handles have broken. The corners are broken out where the auto lock mechanism connects. Having both handles fail in the same way suggests a design flaw. The Ford company should address this and offer a correction.
I travel a lot so I need the cruise. I've been careful to make sure I'm not hitting anything to cause it to disengage. Most recently I was passing an 18 wheeler with cars behind me when suddenly the cruise quit working and the car suddenly started slowing down. It scared me because of all the cars I had behind me and I wasn't expecting it. It's at the dealership right now and they say they can't get it to do it so there's nothing they can do. I'm scared to drive the car because with all the driving I do, I really need cruise. It happens every time I'm on the road but kept thinking I was doing something to cause it. I just had right shoulder surgery so I can't even use my right arm at all. I drive with my left hand at 12:00 position. There's no way I could hit the "off" button driving that way. I hate this car now because as much as I drive, I need to rely on the cruise and can't. Help!!! Please!!!
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