2007 Lincoln MKZ Questions

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Won't start battery is charged
I check everything else out on a water pump so case radiators okay radiator hoses are okay I just can't figure it out after it runs for about 5 minutes it starts to run hot again
Am fm works fine.
Replaced ignition coil and spark plug and it still back firering
In replacing the sensor, hot wire is observed that it doesn't have any power on it. Need a solution
Noise constant but increases with speed. axle or bearing? Kind of a whump whump sound
Car is fine idling but overheats after only a few blocks of being driven. I am out of ideas, because the following parts have already been changed: water pump, thermostat, coolant overflow reservoir & cap, radiator
Last night was the second time it occurred in as many days. Luckily both times I was in my garage but this time I made a service call and had to pay for it to be closed. It closes like something is lodged in the door and turning the cylinder does not help. After waiting overnight an the repairman came he just reconnected the battery cables open the door and it closed. Please advice.
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