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I came home from work this morning and when I went to go to the store the engine won't turn over..... lights, ect are still working..... it's like it's locked up
Have replaced the engine fan assembly with new. Fuses are fine. Fans still won't come on. Ideas?
dealer has replaced two sensors in and on the transmission, now he wants me to pay for ignition droping out, tune up coil #1, intake gaskets and pcm update
at $690.
First started by working sometimes then if you cut the car off and back on it wouldn't blow anymore. Had AC hose cleared and replaced filter but still nothing blows when AC is turned on.
The pigtail has been replaced once but there headlight burned out shortly thereafter. My mechanic said the entire electrical system for this needs to be replaced.
At between 1000 to 1200 rpm, the car bucks seemingly between shifting. New transmission last year. They say "not a trans issue."
I thought maybe a set of plugs.
After driving almost a 1000 miles my MKX does a hard shift to a lower gear. This jump shakes the whole car and feels like the transmission has broken. From here on in every time I go up a hill or accelerate the same thing happens. Revs go from 2k to 4k and remain there until I get to a constant speed. If I pull the car over and turn it off the problem corrects itself for the few hundred miles. Wrench led comes on but no code is detected at the Lincoln dealer. Had them update the software and do a trans fluid change but the problem re-occurs. Lincoln dealer could not find any problem with the vehicle.
Problem started yesterday. Turn the key, car cranks but won't start. Let go of the key and it still try's to start. Not touching the key. Let it sit for about an hour it started right up.
When traveling the wrench light comes on and car will not go. As if it runs out of gas. After turning off it is Ok. Happened on railroad track has become very dangerous.
Gets noisy past 40mph and started getting worse after I changed the 2 front tires.
This happens when the computer is trying to decide if it needs to be in the right gear. Let me know if there is a fix to smooth this gear change up.
Roy J
How do I troubleshoot a leak to the floorboard, driver side after a rain or car wash? This car is garaged so I know it's only after a rain or long car wash. Tips appreciated. Regards.
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