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What could be the reason for tripping the air conditioning compressor on a 2007 MKX Lincoln? After starting car and switching on the ac the blower blows air, sometimes cool and other times hot. During car is running, compressor will turn on and off without pushing any buttons.It starts after couple of minutes and after some time it stops cooling again and than starts again after some time etc. It can run the whole day without cooling and next day it will cool perfectly :(
I had a new compressor installed this year, and the problem has started about a month ago...
Cabin gets very hot before fan cycles on
one tire has a broken belt.
all other tires are 5/32 tread depth.
I have a totaled 2013 Taurus with only 34,000 miles on the motor and, a 2007 Lincoln MKX with blown head gasket and 180,000 miles. I want to exchange the engines. Will that work?
Is there a reset button?
after i turn my engine off my car makes a clicking sound. it seems to come from behind the heating/cooling vents.
when driving my car it makes a loud humming sound. the faster I go the louder it gets.
while driving my car it will begin to stutter once i hit about 30mph
The GPS system is subpar and outdated
Coils have been replaced...engine still running rough.A/C stopped working. Engine computer?
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