1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Questions

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The car starts, runs and drives just fine but the gauges have stopped working.
My car started to stutter occasionally and now it just died. The motor turns over and I check fuel pressure, it’s good. I plugged in the odb meter and it’s says it has no contact with the car. Could it possibly the computer control causing both problems? Or something else.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? not working
How long have you had this problem? a week
the engine was replaced
This all happened after i had the fuel pump replaced.
The previous owner of my 98 Mark VIII said he only used Alcohol Free Gas for 13 years, and Synthetic Oil. Is it imperative that I continue to use these same products, what are the benefits. Thanks
Idle air control valve replaced, fuel filter replaced, plugs look great. Will die on freeway at 65 mph or in drive through at idle? No check engine light or trouble code.
Usually occurs when it sits in idle for a short period, or when I back out while turning hard and stop.
I found replacement window on ebay, and it apparently come in an entire window, chrome etc. How do you replace the window?
I have checked fuel button in trunk. The cam sensor. It turns over just wont start. How can you check to see if it jumped time?
All Bulbs good. Drivers side turn signals dont flash, indicator inside does not either.
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