1997 Lincoln Mark VIII Questions

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Ioud squealing noise from lower front when turning steering wheel right or left rather loud.
Heater putting out cold air
trunk and turn pump switch on and off. Will run but will not restart when warm. Have to wait till cold and reset everything.
Where do i start?
Dash lights quit working; was intermittently, now, not at all .
idles great but still overheats when driving no air in system don't know what to do next
have removed thermostat want to make sure I don't have air n system
how do I make sure I do not get an air block when refilling radiator ps no thermostat in water flow and only have the one place to fill
removed thermostat and still same problem overheats when driving has new trans hate to junk it any hints as to what to do next?
have replaced radiator and water pump and thermostat runs great at idle overheats when I drive
small ones closest to trunk onboard system check says everything ok if on any ideas thanks
I just replaced the blend door actuator and that is working. The air started out getting hot and stayed hot. When I adjusted the temperature on the panel, it started blowing cold air again. I put temp back on 90 and the air was still blowing out cold. I am trying to guess it's one of 3 things. Cabin Air Temperature Sensor, Heater Control Valve or the thing that controls the heat and ac panel needs to be replaced.
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