1995 Lincoln Mark VIII Questions

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Also once it starts chugging u pretty much have to put it to the floor and it will die some times after its started and running and it happens when i drive but if I take my foot off the gas it won't die? I don't know what els to do i just replaced the coil packs spark plugs and wires thinking that was the problem but it wasn't any advice helps and thanks.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Its worse when its hot but runs really rough cold
How long have you had this problem? About 1 month
The traction no long work either so I was thinking it was a warning for that.
Tail light and brake light goes out. How do I fix it
I want to change the air ride suspension to regular struts and springs
I was told the door ajar switches for both sides need replaced by the Lincoln tech, but not sure where they are located.
I am disabled and have to fix this car myself. Car has been riding terrible off and on. Surging after it acts like it comes out of gear. My radio is whizzing like there's a ground off but I'm not sure where they all are. My alarm and key pad work sometimes. Just got new battery and alternator.tranny fluid good. Cuts out between50 and 60 only occasionally. Stumped
Since this winter my car all of the sudden will just start riding horribly. I parked on a snow pile and when I woke up my front passenger side wheel well was sitting on tire. Never had a problem before that. Air shocks are kicking on but car rides horrible since then. Any ideas?
The dash says to check exterior lamps and so I changed the bulbs in headlights and they are still so dim and it still says to check exterior lamps I don't understand what's going on
I know starter is okay, believe the second key which tried was not programmed properly and this shut down pats system, how do I start the car
worked for 19 yrs now the headlights don't come on without using switch is on
When the alarm is set, a slight breeze will set it off. I have to push both lock knobs every time I leave my car. Both repair manuals that I have say nothing about this system and I cannot afford to take it to the dealership.
Experience misfires occur on a daily basis. mostly when I attempt to reach max speed of 65mph.
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