1994 Lincoln Mark VIII Questions

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I need to replace my right front passenger seat motors and track and have looked on ebay and Amazon with no luck I believe it is number MM950 Hank Henry
I put new batt in yesterday and still dies. Drove it for a week with no prob then back to this again
I put new batt in yesterday and still dies
this started after thermostat was replaced.
will run for about two week and then will not start set about to week and then start back up
2014 dec. << for the past 2 years a few times now the engine turns and no ignition. 4 times these past 2 years i am told it's electrical and the "computer chip" needs replacing as e/thing runs perfectly on this car..a few munutes after the failed ignition the car starts perfectly. i thought it was bad gasoline, i replaced fuel pump n fuel filter, spark wires n sparkplugs last year. for months it starts like a charm the car is...then once again no ignition but the starter turns the engine, one mechanic told me it was the alarm safety preventing any spark going to the wires. just today after 2 months of excellent performance it once again turned with no startup. tommorow i bet it will start fine. i'm about to get another car. since the two years of this dilemma this has happened 9 times. could it be an old electrical distributor?
I replaced all the fuses and put in all new rear bulbs. All my break/tail lights work, now. However, my back up lights wont go on.
have never worked on a car like this
have relamped all lights.
I would like detailed instructions, if possible. Also, estimated cost would be good, if available.
1994, 150k, car dead yesterday, replaced corroded negative terminal, jumped it, ran it, turned it off, dead, won't take a jump, 12.7 volts in battery.
fluid leaking between fill tube and transmission
The cap is rusted real bad. I have to drain the coolant to fix the oil leak. How do i get the cap off crossover tube? Is their another way to add coolant and burp air out?
While the car was idling, the engine started smoking and the temp guage was rising to hot. The hoses and water pump seem to be ok.
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