1990 Lincoln Mark VII Questions

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car will run fine for some time then quit for no reason. electric locks, flashers lights all dead not likely the ecm car started fine not battery, or cables.
Just got this car and when we are driving it the digital display will flicker and go to kilometers/liters etc. tried pressing switch to change it back but that does not help. Disconnected battery that does not help. Speedometer sometimes sticks on a certain speed, some of the digital readouts like where the clock and trip display is does not even light up. There is also a clicking sound when the lights flicker. What could be the problem
I have no Horn or Cruse control they both went out at the same time I look at the wiring and check the Horn and the horn work if I just it

where does the transmission fluid go?
no engine light on cleaned egr and iac checked intake for leaks when car is warm it runs good. but when cold it will not idle and sometimes dies at idle it surges up and down
How difficult is it to replace the oil pan gasket on a 1990 lincoln mark vii bill blass
how donyou remove dash to get to heatercore
my friend tried to jump my car the other day and smoke came from the dashboard.the jumper cables were on right and everything? what do you think it is?
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