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My Ball joints and wheel bearings need replaced and my Uncle ordered F-150 parts instead of Lincoln parts and l was just wondering if they are the same and will work on my Lincoln
The truck cranks longer than usual about 100% of the time, which tends to happen after it's been shut off for at least 15 minutes. When the hard-start happens the engine also often "stumbles" into a start and then has a rough idle for 10-30 seconds. After that, it runs and drives fine. The only time it doesn't seem to have problems starting is immediately after it's been shut off. Wait 15 minutes or longer though and it almost always has trouble firing up.

When I took it to the dealer the first time they said it was showing an extended crank code and also a random misfire. They recommended I have the spark plugs changed, replace the coils, new fuel filter, and clean fuel injection. The problem still exists!
No light on the dash comes on either
While driving the steering wheel became very hard to turn. Hard turns result in a choppy feeling.
While in a turn, gradual turns are easy.
One day the steering returned to normal and there were no issues. Shortly afterwards it returned to very hard choppy steering.

I have been told it could be the rack & pinion, leaking hoses, incorrect fluid levels, worn out power steering pump, stretched surpentine belt, worn out drive shaft.
The truck has not been in an accident and only has 95000kms on it.
Too many possible fixes listed and, way too much $ amount involved for trial and error.

Please help.
There is no console just a drivers side and passenger side push button lights with the controls for the sun roof in between. There is a plastic ring around the assembly and I cannot find a way to get to the bulbs. I tried prying lightly on the plastic ring but I was afraid of breaking it.
on. What could be wrong with it?
Audio controls not functioning
brake system wont hold pressure after replacing a caliper driver front and bled each wheel
What is the correct spark plug gap setting for replacement Champion one peice plugs for 06 Lincol mark Lt. Notify me by E-mail at
how to remove and replace it
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