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Dealership replaced radiator fan and harmonic balancer. The dealership keeps telling me that when the rad fan kicks in is the whining noise that I hear. It whines the whole time the car is running. When u turn the car off it sounds like a jet winding down. I have had the car since new and there was never the high pitched noise when running.

It drives fine when temp is normal. It has happened twice last night.

seconds after which the buttons will not work.

This causes the alarm to go off when I lock it. If I don't lock it, the inside and side view mirror lights come on and causes my battery to die.

Humming loudly when driving

I took it in to have it checked and they told me water was dripping from the sunroof in to the car computer. I had the sunroof sealed and i still have the same problem. My car will not start up after it rains. Once it warms up outside the car runs good until it rains again

Car starts sputtering after driving it for about half an hour. Worse when sitting idling in gear at a traffic light. Doesn't do that when car is idling in park. Can anyone give me a suggestion?

Heater is blowing cold air car over heats fast

Once or twice a month overheats real quickly, you can watch the gauge move to hot in about a minute or two. I turn off the car wait a few minutes then restart the car the temp returns to normal. It will run without overheating for a week or two then the same happens again.

Car was running fine. One morning I went out and started the car by the passenger side. Car was acting like it was choking and it stalled. The car would start momentarily then stall. Pushing on gas pedal really made no difference unless you found like a "sweet spot" Changed the battery, it will start but still won't idle.It is not throwing any codes on the message screen except change AC filter. I can hear the fuel pump run when key is first turned to the on position. There is a box on driver's side with a nozzle on it, with what appears to be a nozzle with light blue cover. Nothing comes out of it when key is turned(husband said he thought it is the INJECTOR PUMP)

Higher octane fuel does not have new spark plugs and coils. no help at all.where do i start