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filling the map holder on the door and soaking the carpet i do have a sun roof

fumes only come up when car is still.Is there a common leak area that can be tightened up.I can hear no exhaust leak at all. Could it be in front of the cars? Thanks, Steve

recently started having this problem white smoke coming out exhaust

Had white smoke coming from under the hood. I did a tune up and found oil where the spark plugs are. I know this signifies and blown head gasket however. I DONT HAVE water nor coolant in the oil on the dip stick. No oil in the coolant res. Now I have white smoke coming from the tale pipe. Didnt have this before. Figured that was oil burn off but it gets worse after I rev the car up to 3000 rpm. Could this be caused by a Valve cover gasket gone bad?????

Car cranks on start for about 3-4 seconds before starting, once in a blue moon a popping noise is heard from the engine at start followed by a bad smell in the cabin if a/c is on. All 8 coils (COP) have been replaced at the same time--spent almost $3K so far.

the sound seems to be coming from under my feet in the drivers seat. It is a constant humm/whine, with no change if idling or accelerating.

When you start the car the air bag light blinks and then it stays on

No diagnostic codes (DATC); repaced DCCV today, no difference. Followed thread to get to the point I ma now, could use some help. Thx, WJL

Battery was dead, jumped car. Runs and starts fine. When you put it in reverse the speedometer quits working tachometer works, fuel gauge doesn't work. Odometer is blank. ABS light comes on as well as Traction Control light. Power steering seems to quit. Status reads "engine sensor data error". Took it to O'Reilleys no codes. Took it to local dealer they have had it for a week and say it's electrical and they can't find it. They tell me the error message means nothing. I've been searching the intranet and find nothing that's a fix. Can someone please help? These errors and lights only happen when you put it in reverse. In park car runs perfect.

says check the fuse/relay? wheres that located?? also says it could be a defective pump is that located by the driver side wheel well?

My drivers seat completely stopped working. NO noises are anything.

The shop said it will cost $1500.00 A symbol showed up on the dash board. Didn't notice any problems.

i need to fix the inside door handle and i do not want to break my door panels and trim do i need a special tool for this?

cost for replacements question not answered

what is cost for ball joints replacement on both sides and alignment