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My radio will not come on
I just replaced my water-pump, spark plugs cam-sensor, replaced the batter a couple of times, well any ways, it takes for ever to start, and once it starts I let it try to sit and run for a minute. Then I turn it off and try to turn it back on for testing purposes, and it doesn't start right up, I've have had this problem before. I'm the 5th owner to the vehicle, there was a wiring set up somewhere or a fuse, Idk somebody please help me, I need my vehicle.
After putting in 5 gallons of gas in the car the fuel pours out the bottom of car. Could it be the ring on fuel pump sending unit
It will run normal temp until I get into stop and go traffic with the AC on. Then the temp gauge will start easing up. Then I have to turn the heater on high and it will cool right back down to running temp. I have had it in the shop for the 2nd time because the fist time they said it was fixed caused me about $2000.00 dollars did not fix a DAM thing. Still doing the same thing. Now they won't to put a new $900.00 dollar Hydraulic fan pump on it. Does any body out there have a clue before I have to spend more money and it wont fix it ether.
Not long ago about September the a/c wasn't working, but the heater worked great. So I decided before I spend more money I would try to figure it out myself. The first thing I checked was the a/c compresser fuse, bingo got it on the first try. Well now the a/c works great but now I don't get any heat. Could it be another fuse? Please abvise
I purchased this vehicle a couple months ago. I've never owned a Lincoln before. But I definitely bought a lemon with this one, as it was in the shop 3 times within the first or second week of buying it. It's now been in the shop a total of FIVE times! Now I have a dead battery, & when I go to turn the heat on (if I'm even doing so correctly, cold air blows out! I just can't win with this one! I don't even know if I'm turning the heat on correctly, as this A/C/Heating System is unlike any I've ever seen!!! There honestly could be absolutely NOTHING wrong with the heat except for the fact that the person operating the vehicle (me!), has no clue what they're doing!!!!!
My heater blows cold air when I turn on the heater
Thermostat housing is the problem and water has to be added quite often. So is this a hard or expensive thing to fix? Would it be worth buying a car like this?
Please need help on getting plastic ring back on new fuel pump
Have taken battery terminal off and it stays running just rodent charge battery
In July of 2010 I had my whole air-con system replaced by amcco, which was approx $1200. Now six years later it's blowing hot air. Does anyone with an 02 Lincoln Ls have or had any problems with their a/c, if so, any solution?
My torque wrench was set improperly and i busted a bolt that holds down the camshaft. If you could tell me what those were called or what type of bolt im looking for would help tremendously.
I had a aftermarket car stereo installed, & since then my A/C & heater controls don't work right. Now my Lincoln is starting to overheat. Like the A/C & heater controls it works when it wants to. ABRAHAM is sick
My hydraulic fan reservoir had a creamy white substance in it. It kind of looked like paint. Had a yellowish white tinge to it. now my car overheats within 5 miles off driving under 30 mph haven't been able to see if fan is turning. There's a steam being released near passenger headlight/under upper radiator hose close to the ground...any ideas?
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