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I have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 and when I use the A/C or heat there is a fast ticking sound coming from the center left vent. Everything functions properly, but the frequency of the sound increases as the level increases. On full blast it ticks every half second and slows down as I back it down. It's not coming from the engine just from that vent in the dash.
I can't get the fuel rail off the injectors I think they just pull off but I just don't want to pull to hard and break anything
the horn will not sound
Reverse drive 4 and 5 went out but will engage into gear but engine just revs when hitting gas pedal.... can drive with sst gears perfectly fine...there is no indications on dashboard that anything is wrong no warning light at all
my transmission used to run fine for about 10 minutes and then it would stop shifting, but if I turned it off it would seem to run good again for another 10 minutes or so, and this issue would repeat itself. Now the tranny wont shift into gear at all. Does this sound like a computer problem, or do you think the whole tranny is shot?
The hot engine light comes on every two weeks.
It has nothing to do with rain. There are no window leaks. Could it have something to do with the rear A/C unit?
I need to change the air filter but I've never done it myself.
There's nothing wrong with anything electrical in my car, but the check electrical system warning turns on.
It will stay off for a week or two then turn back on for a couple of day.
What will it cost me to get the new tranny programed to the car?
Do I still need a new key or can I reprogram my pats system key if I change the computer, the ignition and everything associated it
after adding some coolant gas there was some leaking yellow color
My car runs normal temp until I turn on the a.c.,recently I replaced the coolant reservoir
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