2002 Lincoln Continental Questions

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I Am trying to find a wss but only seeing connectors and wiring harnesses.
My 02 Lincoln continental rear air springs are no good. I can't find this car in any auto salvage yard around. So I was wondering what other vehicles that are NOT CONTINENTALS would have the air springs that can fit my car.
I have a 2002 Continental when I get to a red light and I sent there it will shut off but it will start right back up what could be wrong I had a tune-up oil change fuel filter air filter
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It doesn't all the time
How long have you had this problem? I had this problem a few weeks
Tow truck company did not shut off suspension switch before towing and now my indicator light is on. Its also not steering the same. Helppp
Why do i have a "no ride control" light inditicator on after my car was towed for parking in a no parking zone. The light stays on and wont allow me to select the ride control and it doesnt feel the same when driving the car, steering feels like theres so much give maybe, i dont no. Never an idsue before they towed me. What did they screw up while towing me?
when i turn my wheel i makes a lil bit on noise but not to much
Fuses are all good What should I do next?
I'm told this is a wide spread issue with 2002 Lincoln Continentals. Lincoln has no stock of this on dash switch, and discontinued it. The column dimmer switch works fine.
left fan running when turing on A/C ,right off. Is this correct
When I go to crank the car it sometimes want crank and I done had the battery full charged and now it's completely dead nothing is coming on in the car. I done had the fuel pump change, spark plugs changed, alternator replaced with a new one and now it's showing the traction control on the dash board. I haven't drive the car for 3 months since i bought it from a guy. Please tell me what is the problem or is it any use of getting fix??
The RPM's read about 1500-2000 but engine sounds like it should be reading 3000 RPM's or higher
What is cost to replace power steering pressure switch?
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