2000 Lincoln Continental Questions

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Nothing out the ordinary. Came on on my way to work .just bought car. All fluids seem in tact.curious what causes it to come on
The engine sound is loud when the car is first started. As you drive, the noise reduces or goes away. When the noise is the loudest, the car vibrates. Also,the steering is tight.
I lost the keys and I am looking for the best solution for the least money
Can my lincoln be hotwired
pulled out of parking spot and turned wheel. car sputtered to go then died. didnt start back up right away. after a few attempts to crank over i waited 5 mins then started.
Battery was disconnected. After reconnecting, the passenger seat and outside mirrors no longer operate. Checked all relative fuses and all are OK. There is no clicking sound when trying to operated seat.
So what's wrong with the a/c not working and how much is this going to cost to fix.
Air suspension not working
Car is reading multiple miss fire
mystery problem/ changed thermostat 3x, took out water pump and checked /ok//replaced with new radiator//did coolant test to checked for blown head gasket, negative, checked all hoses,ok. it will not overheat while idling for an hour,but as soon as you drive it 5 minutes it overheats. high and low fans working correctly
radio go off, traction control warning light comes, the headlights go out and sometimes the car cuts off
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