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does the light control module need to be programmed
I put a new battery, alternator, fuel pump, fuel filter, starter, ignition coils and wires, spark plugs, and new oil change. all these parts are new. There is also a new A/C motor blower that I replaced. A new mega fuse was also replaced all fuses inside fuse box are perfectly fine good. The Front driver axle was replaced. A new ECU was replaced also.
I bought used window looks the same has same clips but doesn't want to go up and down without coming out of front track or binding. Could I have the wrong window
engine overheats
My entire cluster gauges and all stopped working and kept blowing two fuses. I replaced the dash cluster and it stopped blowing fuses but it still doesn't work. I am told there is a LCD cluster relay somewhere but can't find any info to where it is. I know it is a small black box with a 24 pin plug.
ac blows hot air even after puttin freon in
it is a contintal front wheel drive
the fluid reservoir is in the fender well
trying to go cheap, I am aware tarus is not air ride, but want to get moms ride height fixed, its wasting tires and over all drives bad..
trying to buy this car but anti thert system will not allow me to turn key what needs to be done to start car lady only has one key no remote
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