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car will not restart after it has ran for a while. when car has reached normal engine temp and ran for several miles. it will not restart and have to sit for 20 to 30 min before it will start.
replace fuel assemby in gas tank.
wipers only work when I push the wiper fluid button, then they only do 3 sweeps and back down they go. I have to keep pushing the wiper fluid button to get them to come on. nothing happens when I try to turn them on normally. I already checked the fuse and it seems fine. This just started happening about 2 months ago. they worked just fine before that.
The odometer is not going back to zero, but to where it was when it malfunctioned.
One night my sun roof was left open. A lot of rain got in the car. From then on out, none of the controls on the doors work. Mirrors, seats, windows, and locks will not work. You can not control them from any door. The seat controls are only in the front two doors. What do I need to replace? We tried replacing fuses and switches already. And that didn't work.plz help
seems when cold you have to give it more throttle to make it slip.when i`m in traffic it starts to slip right when you give it gas.
Has just started doing this since the cold weather. Yesterday it did finally start and gave me no trouble the rest of the day.
Its colder this morning and has not started yet. Have not had this problem before. Has 100,000 miles and in pretty good shape.
Could it be fuel filter, fuel injectors, or air filter gummed up?
Thank you
Radio worked abut alternator gave out fixed it radio doesn't work
AC is not blowing cool air. Local Ford dealer says can not get replacement for "a small hole in AC line." What can I do?
New alternator and battery
I have checked the fuses ...i found the relay but dont think that is the problem
Engine will go from idle to about 2000 rpm. I have to slam on brakes and throw into neutral. Rpm goes to about 3500 rpm and then comes down to normal idle. This has also happened right after shutting down air conditioner.
my interior lights only go off when i start driving, the panel indicates my doors are ajar when closed, and that irritating warning buzzer works in tandem with the panel indicater..... every 2-5 seconds, driving me crazy. would like to change those door sensors to see if that solves the problem thanks
i have no power to fuel pump when turning key on i replaced the fuel pump and checked switch (switch is good)
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