2004 Lincoln Aviator Questions

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What seems to make the problem better or worse? intermittent
How long have you had this problem? few weeks
My headlights will not work I'm not sure where the fuse box is at to see if its the problem or what else could it be??
Car is not engaging the gears
instrument panel went black. checked fuses all to good
i checked my battery, the started was hot wired and turn on but wouldnt afterward when key was inserted. im not sure if the relays are bad or the fuses.
I have been losing coolant and running hot pressure tested system and found no leaks any ideas on this
My fuse for the headlights burned and melted into the fuse location. I was told this is a common problem for the Aviator. I want to know if you have to replace the whole box, or can the fuse location just be cleaned and a new fuse entered. And is the dealer the only one that can replace the box?
I turned on my AC yesterday & I heard thud thud sound & then a horrible smell
My brother put super unleaded instead of unleaded after 20 minutes a light turned on not sure if it check engine light he said it was an emissions light
truck wont start i was told the timing off it try to start but wont turn over it turn over slow i was driving an truck just stop an wont start but try to start
truck wont start i was told its the timing belt
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