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Q: Limp home idiot light keeps coming on on 2004 Lincoln LS

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I've had the throttle position sensor replaced twice within the year. The last one was February. It is still coming on and my car goes into limphome mode.
This is link to the info about the recall on The V8s.
The V6 LS has the same problem and ford hasn't done anything about it. If you have the same coil pack problem and misfire issue with your V6 LS call 800-392-3673 to complain maybe they will do something about it.
If you need your check engine light codes go to auto zone they will tell the codes for free.
Here are some of the diagnostic codes you might get
po300, po303, po304, po306, po316, po352, and
300 is misfire random cylinders
303 misfire cylinder#3
304 misfire cylinder#4
306 misfire cylinder#6
316 the crankshaft sensor is monitored for errors
352 ignition coil 2 is bad
420 catalyst effeincy low bank 1 could be because the engine was misfiring on cylinders #2, 3, and 4.
There is a recall for the ignition coils on the V-8 car, not sure about the V-6. I have a V-8 and the codes shown where TPS related. Replaced all the coils, valve cover o-rings and was good to go. Look into that.
Do you know the codes that were stored that led the shop to replace the throttle sensors, and the codes that are stored now?
We have an '03 LS - excessive water in the gas, replaced fuel filter; but AutoZone also reads an error code for the Throttle Air Charge Temp Sensor.

Can any of you tell me where this is located? Also, could this code be a result of the excessive water in the fuel?
I had the exact same problem after buying a 2005 LS V8. the dealership was getting misfire codes and ended up replacing all the coils and packs. Later the car started to feel like it was misfiring again and the ETC Engine failsafe mode kept coming on and driving me nuts. I took it to a dealer and they replaced my TPS and ended up telling me it was a wiring problem. Since then i havent had a problem and im no longer worried to punch it. Lately though my cooling fan has been coming on at the mid level temp and running constantly and loudly for the duration of a drive. currently in the shop now for that problem but they seem clueless so far. Gurgling and squeeking sound from the dash as well after i turn the car off. wondering if this is a cooling system problem in general. To be honest ive had nothing but trouble with this car since i bought it. love it when its working right tho.
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