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Q: Lights work, dash lights come on but car will not turn over at all... nothing. on 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 1995 Honda Accord EX with a VTECH engine. It needed the cylanoid (sp? LOL) "o" ring replaced, which I have but it is not in yet. It needed it because of an oil leak. It is shaped like an O with a rectangle on the side of it. A rubber ring. I have the part. We just moved so I'm trying to fix everything on it but it has been having some electrical issues. First it would drive funny until the "ABS" light came on and then drive normal. I had the brakes done at Les Schwaab so I don't know what that could be. Then , I put an adapter for my iphone into the cigarette lighter and my fiance tried to pull it out and the entire lighter thing came out! He didn't realize the adapter was stuck so the inside of the lighter hole came out and the radio does not work anymore. The alarm was messed up and would not shut off so some idiot friend of mine clipped the wire to the alarm horn. When I was driving the other day the odometer went to zero while I was driving and the engine was still on! It was at zero for like a minute and then resumed like normal. The other thing it was doing was when it was in D4 the circle around the D was blinking. This happened in the past but stopped a long time ago and we thought it was a short or something from the alarm sending the signal to the dash somehow? So I even put it in D3 and the light around D4 was STILL blinking even though Iw as in D3 and the ring around D3 was lit up but not blinking. Same thing in all other gears. I have no idea what to think right now. Is this electrical or is it the starter, alternator or starter cylanoid? We tried to jump it and nothing so I think the battery is ok as the clock and dash lights, head lights, are working. I am so confused and not sure where to start. It doesn't crank or even try to turn over. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing it not to even fire or try to turn over?
Lost :(
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Ok so we have power going to the solenoid, should I call on a price for that or the whole starter? Hmmmm... we're working on it right now so anything helps lol. This '95 has over 200k miles on it but it does ok, usually.
Thank you so much :) It ended up being much simpler than I thought, at least starting the car. We took the starter in and it was no good when tested. Purchased a refurbished one for around 90 bucks and it started right up and is running better now than it was I wonder why it is running better though. I'm so happy it wasn't something worse, phew! Now I have to fix all of the other little things, lol.
Yep we have 12v going to the solenoid still nothing :(
We are pulling out the starter and going to go have it tested.
It seems odd that the alarm wires were cut and then the lights in the dash
were blinking like the alarm sound was rerouted into the electrical lights instead of
making the noise if that makes sense. I'm wondering if the alarm was silently going off,
causing the blinking and maybe it caused the starter to shut off because it thinks someone is
trying to steal the car? That is what the guy at the Honda dealership said on the phone. Just an idea. Hmmm....
I guess we will see after we have this starter tested.
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