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Q: Lights on 1992 Cadillac Seville STS

my low beam head lights don't work but the highbeam lights do. Also my tail lights do work but the don't light up brighter when I press the brake. How do I fix this?
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Hey there,
I have a few ideas about what this problem is caused by. First, I hope you have checked the bulbs!!!LOL. Second, I hope you haven't rigged any of the fuses to work, or I may not be able to help you. I have a 1997 STS that had some WIERD problems with the lights. Under the hood (driver's side) there is a relay box with 6 relays (may be less in the older ones), that is ALL the power to the fuse block for the lights. These relays frequently go bad, but before you buy new ones, remove all the relays, pull the entire box up, flip it over, remove the retainer clip, and put a very small screwdriver into EACH of the terminals where the relays plug in, and twist them closer together(Ie. close the gap where the relays plug in). I am willing to bet that is your problem, replacing the relay, may temporarily fix the problem because you have changed the position of the pins, but it WILL come back unless you do this! LOL (Mine came back at night on a dark road!!! LOL)
All the best; hope it works out for you. Please let me know if something else is/was the problem.
BTW-Before you do any of this, use a test light with the key on to see if you have power to the relay box, otherwise you are doing a lot of work for nothing!!! With the relays out, only half the "pins" will be "hot", but every one of the 6 should have one "hot" side.
Second BTW-If this is your problem, there are two other fuse blocks under there, and guess what(?)... LOL
Almost forgot about the second problem! STS's have really bad connectors in the back. Pull out the bulbs, and check the terminals inside the connectors. The ground terminals on mine were completely shot, but I was able to "wiggle" them back to life. Use a test light, or continuity meter to check the pins. May even be a blown fuse in the front, check that too...
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