Q: Lighter - Fuse or Relay? WAGON on 1993 Toyota Camry

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I plugged in an accessory. It worked for a few minutes. The lighter socket is dead.

I checked all fuses behind the change tray in the passenger compartment. ALL good.

The Lighter appears to be on the same fuse as the Radio. Radio works.

Front squirts are out. May be related problem.

If not fuse, is there a relay which serves both the lighter and the squirts?

What else should I check?

How do I remove the dash cover to expose the lighter?
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Check ALL the fuses. Some cars don't use the radio fuse for the cig lighter. Also check the under hood fuses, relays and fuse able links. The device may have over loaded more than just a fuse. AND, don't rule a out a defective socket and/or lighter element. A 1993 Camry can wear out the lighter and the socket.
How do I disassemble the dash near the lighter socket to expose and test it?

There are two unpowered 15A fuses in the panel behind the coin tray.

One is something like Fog Lights, the other is something like Heated Seats. I would like to use one or the other to power the lighter.

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