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3700 Crossview
Houston, TX 77063
(832) 304-2837
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We are BMW Audi Mercedes Specialists


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  • Timing Belts


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  • Acura
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  • Isuzu
  • Jaguar
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Overall Rating

Customer Reviews

June 30, 2015

do not be fooled. this place is crap. super expensive. I was there with my wife and took a car I had recently bought, I took it for inspection and they found a thousand problems for which they wanted to charge a fortune. In these reviews below there is a positive review with 5 stars recommending this shop, do not be fooled, this is Carlos U Ayala who is the owner of the shop. I have his businesscard buddy, you're not fooling anyone. I cannot believe the level of disrespect that the owner has to go online and post positive reviews about himself to look good. I took my car elsewhere and got everything fixed for less than $300. The "manager" Luis is no mechanic at all and has no idea how a car works, however, he still wants to give you advice and try to fix problems that he has no idea how to fix. I called the shop many times and no response.

June 15, 2014

Hi guys, i would like to explain my story with these 2 guys.There is two gus one of them Tony the other one is Luis. Luis manages the shop and Tony fixes the cars. I bought one car from them. They gave me 3 months guaranty. After 2 months the check engine light was on. then I took the car and asked them to fix it. Tony fixed it and I left. After one day, check engine light was again on. I took it back he said there is no problem in this car even though check engine light was on. Then he said it is because of gas that you are using. Then i got best gas and try one week. It was still on. Then I took the car another mechanic, they checked everything and gave me $1500 bill (I bought that car for $1800 I was new student in the states and even couldn't speak English well. Then i took the car again and showed the bill to Tony he said they dont know there is no problem in this car. During that time they talked Spanish all the time in front of me. They were making fun of something but i couldn't understand since it wasn't my language. If you are going to go there make sure you have translator with you because they will speak Spanish not English. After all since tony didn't want to fix the car he said, I'll buy it back. i said Ok. But he said I don't know when can i pay you back. i left the car but he didn't pay me same day. It took 2 weeks to get my money back. Many times I went there to get my money. everyday they said tomorrow,tomorrow. Also, they were making fun of me when I went there to ask my money.
Eventually i got my money back they cut 50$ which was ok.
In summery,
1-) when I was there they always speak spanish so make sure you got one translator with you if you are not spanish speaker.
2-) They tried to fool me (But i went some other mechanic to learn what was wrong with my car which bill was 1500 to fix it)
3-) They didnt take care of me when I went there many times.

March 30, 2014

Worst place in Houston, don't even bother going there. I had a vw passat, the timing belt broke and I took my car over there. A couple of days after I got it back, the car started shaking a lot, I took it back to LG, they told me that the problem was the brake booster and it was going to cost me $600 more to fix that. I decided to take to a different mechanic to make sure that was the real problem. This new place told me that the car was shaking because the new timing belt was not put correctly, and they also told me that LG was charging me twice of what it was suppose to cost to fix it. I'm happy I took my car to a different place. Every time you go to LG they will find something wrong with your car, they don't even now what they are doing.

April 23, 2013

After a recommendation from a co-worker of mine, I decided to take my 2008 Audi for an oil change, to LG's. I only had limited time to do this, given that I had to return to work- I mentioned this to one of the associates. Not only did I make it back to work on time, but the service was dominantly exceptional. I was truely satisfied with the customer serivce. I was able to ask questions about their procedure, the products used to service my vehicle, and service required for future scheduled check-ups; all questions answered. They went beyond the call of service. Thank you.

January 10, 2013

I highly recommend this shop, they are very honest, they fixed the problem that I had on the transfer case from my BMW X5 that even the dealer could not fix, Im glad I found them before something else came out

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January 09, 2013

I just brought my BMW 525i for the replacement of my window regulator, this is the first time I take my car to other place than dealership and they work as good as them but a lot cheaper, y highly recommend them and they also gave me a couple of cupons for 20% off for my next oil change service.

January 09, 2013

I took 3 of my cars in the past month, all have been fixed and are now in top shape, and they also helped me sale one of my cars, they actually got me the client for my 2008 Audi A4 at 13,000 and i was asking 11,900.
Thx much guys for the professional job on my car and on the sell!
I will definitely be coming back hoping for more bussines both ways.

October 12, 2012

These guys are CROOKS!!! I would stay as far away as possible! I took my car in for a small problem, during acceleration my car was sounding a tad louder than normal and being a responsible owner, I brought it to them to check it out... BIG mistake. These guys drove my car into the ground! After keeping my car for over 24 hours, when I picked it up, it was violently shaking and giving me all kinds of engine fault codes that I never had!! They tried to tell me it was something wrong with my turbo valve... the CROOKS had messed with my coil packs and tried to play me as a fool!

STAY AWAY!!! VERY dirty business man. The owner literally laughed in my face as I complained to him!

June 26, 2012

Made an ATF change to my 2001 1.8T passat and the shop was honest and fast and provided recommendations on future maintenance.