2006 Lexus SC430 Questions

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why does sensor lights come on so often. whats wrong with car.
If we don't run the car at least once a week, it dies. Am told it is because the engine computer is always on, draining the battery. This has been happening for years and we have replaced the battery several times. Is there a way to change the software to reduce the drain on the battery? We don't drive it every day and jumping it to drive when we want to is getting old.
either set auto or turn on headlight the headlight washer will spray water . Please help.
I just purchased a 2006 Lexus SC-430 With approx.40,000 miles on it. Do I change the belt according to age or mileage? Anything else that I should do?
Lexus tried emergency wire. Might I get hurt if I STOP the top from going up and mess with the trunk latch? Afraid it might shut on my arm. Trunk opened last week. I pulled the shade shut so the top would go down. Thinking maybe I did something wrong?
Or what can someone please help me I don't have a manual to find the symboly
Why is the "AFS off" light on?
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